Rashad Evans' MetaToads Gang Official NFT Collection

This NFT collection is thoughtfully built around Rashad’s art and journey to find “peace within”. His mission is to build a community that will bring attention to mental health awareness.

MetaToads NFT Launch


Rashad Evans' MetaToads Gang Official NFT Collection

This NFT collection is thoughtfully built around Rashad’s art and journey to find “peace within”. His mission is to build a community that will bring attention to mental health awareness.

MetaToads NFT Launch



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Mint Price

June 1

Mint Date

Former UFC Champion

Rashad Evans

UFC Hall of Famer

Your life’s journey is shaped by the cumulative experiences amassed on your path which is unique for each of us. While both good and bad experiences shape your mind and heart for what is to come, the search to understand the singularity of yourself is a quest. I was propelled on that quest during my experience with Bufo (5-MeO-DMT).

MetaToads Gang NFTs

MetaToads is a collection of 10,000 NFTs based on the Magical Sonoran Desert Toad. The MetaToads are uniquely generated NFTs with traits assigned at mint, by randomizing the values of each individual NFT from Common, Rare, and Super Rare attributes. Our launch will be fair and we want to include as many in the community as possible. We want our community to be passionate about our mission to bring attention to mental health awareness.

Toad Utility

“Our collection is more than collectibles, for me, this is a mission. Mental health awareness is our fight and I want our community to be at the forefront of awareness. I want to engage with our community regularly so the utility for the MeatToads Gang will be focused on access. If you are holding a MetaToads Gang NFT it will provide you access to private events, monthly meetups, autographed merch and collectibles, an annual conference, but most importantly it will provide all that HODL a collective voice for Mental Health Awareness and we will make a difference.” – Rashad

Some of the specific utility

  • Monthly Hangouts with Rashad Evan’s on live video.
  • Monthly Free giveaways of a variety of signed merchandise and raffles.
  • Opportunities to accompany me to a variety of events to see things from my vantage point.
  • For the next 3 years, we will host an Annual Toad Meet for all available HODLers.
  • Be a part of a tightly knit community that will include many of my friends that will make guest appearances and participate in our AMAs.
This is an opportunity to create something special and be part of something bigger. The MetaToads Gang will be the OG’s in our new Community to do good.



Roadmap Creation

We’ve opted for a no-nonsense approach to our NFT project progression. Utility and prospects should be simple, not clouded by irrelevant details. So, read on to see where this ‘trip’ will take you.


Art Generation

10,000 MetaToad NFTs have been designed and created by UFC Hall of Famer Rashad Evans.


Community Building

MetaToads intends on sending a very clear message about mental health awareness, but we can’t do that alone. This stage consists of gaining social traction, & rewarding whitelist spots to our most active members.


Official Mint

The MetaToads go live for mint. Pre-sale for whitelisted members at a lower price, followed by the public sale. It’s as simple as that.


Giving Back

Supporting organizations that help in the fight for better Mental Health in our communities is core to our mission. We will be donating to those organizations on behalf of the MetaToads Gang.


Holders Benefit

Now that you completely own your NFT art piece, what you do with it is up to you. But we’d like you to enjoy it with us. Amongst other things, holders and diamond hands will have access to networking events and private parties hosted by *Rashad Evans*. There will also be a ton of signed memorabilia and in-person giveaways.

How to Mint?


Connect your Wallet

Click on the top right button “Connect Wallet”, chose your type of wallet, and confirm it.


Click on Mint

Once your wallet has been successfully connected, click on the “Mint” button to create a purchase order.


Confirm the payment

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your purchase. To purchase the NFT, simply click on “Confirm”.

Rashad’s Passion for Sketching

My sketch of the Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo Alvarius), was inspired by an enlightening experience with Bufo. It takes a village to battle mental health issues and this is a fight we will win by bringing international awareness to this issue. The word Meta means beyond, after, or self-referencing. The toad is a representation of not just me but all of us through a spiritual connection. Collectively our community will be called “The MetaToads Gang”.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are collectable digital assets that hold value, just like how physical art holds value, so do NFTs. NFTs are a lot like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, an NFT is completely unique, and it can't be exchanged like-for-like, which is where non-fungible starts to make sense.

Video Explanation

NFTs are "one-of-a-kind" assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property, but which have no tangible form of their own. The digital tokens can be thought of as certificates of ownership for virtual or physical assets.

As soon as the whole collection is sold out, we will start revealing all the MetaToads. That way, everyone gets to see their new Toad at the same time.

How To Guide

Metamask is simple and fast to use, and it is the recommended tool to use when buying and selling NFTs.
Watch the tutorial below to learn how to your Metamask wallet.

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Video Tutorial

In my professional career as a UFC fighter, champion, and eventual Hall of Famer, fighting felt very easy to me. There were many great moments, however, at one point it changed and became increasingly difficult. It was as if I was fighting myself. I was constantly struggling with self-defeating thoughts and questioning my self-worth. Being a professional athlete is very taxing mentally, there are very extreme highs and very depressing lows. I needed to gain a new perspective.

My experience with “the toad” was spiritually enlightening and reshaped my path. I found an immense increase in my consciousness and gained an understanding of singularity, and was able to let go of things that were not serving me. I was able to appreciate a deeper level of empathy and connection to people, my experience was truly life-changing.

Absent physical and philosophical differences, we are all connected in this life. My challenges have made me hyper-aware of the mental struggles that many of us face. It takes true mental fortitude and a solid support structure to stay positive and push forward. The pandemic opened my eyes to the fact that there are many people that have walked a similar path as I, this was my motivation for creating “The MetaToad Gang”. It is a community that I will help build to support each other as we conquer mental health issues together. It takes a village, join me to help bring awareness.